Step by step instructions to Configure SAMBA on a Linux Server

Orderly manual for arranging SAMBA on a LINUX server.

This is for system directors with experience designing and administrating LINUX servers that need to know how to arrange a SAMBA document server the right path regulated.

In this orderly tutorial I am demonstrating how to make a common organizer on a linux server and offer it so clients on Microsoft windows workstations can get to it on a nearby - inside system.

In this tutorial I am going to make the envelope called "shared organizer" and permit everyone access to the envelope and printer arranged to the Linux server.

This is a fundamental how to guide for designing a samba workgroup record server. I will cover how to construct and arrange a samba PDC - Primary space controller in another tutorial for more experienced system managers.

STEP 1 Open the samba design record utilizing a unix word processor. I like NANO since it is anything but difficult to utilize. The following are the charges I used to perform this assignment.

[root@localhost ~]# compact disc/and so on [root@localhost etc]# album samba [root@localhost samba]# nano smb.conf

Alright now we are in the smb.conf document Now erase all the content in the arrangement record. Presently duplicate and glue the underneath text...after that is done hit the control and X catches on your console to exit out of the NANO content manager. At that point hit the Y catch and last hit the ENTER catch. Presently we are back to the order brief and our samba setup record is altered and spared.

[global] workgroup = workgroup server string = My Linux File Server has permit = 192.168. 127. log document =/var/log/samba/%m.log security = client netbios name = SAMBA SERVER scramble passwords = yes smb passwd record =/and so on/samba/smbpasswd attachment choices = TCP_NODELAY SO_RCVBUF=8192 SO_SNDBUF=8192

[shared folder] remark = My Home Directory browseable = yes writable = yes open = yes read just = no

[printers] way =/var/spool/samba open = yes visitor OK = yes printable = yes browseable = yes writable = yes read just = no

STEP 2 We need to make a client acct on the Linux server itself then we will make a samba client on top of the Linux client acct.

[root@localhost ~]# useradd chris [root@localhost ~]# passwd chris Changing secret word for client chris. New UNIX secret key: Retype new UNIX watchword: passwd: all confirmation tokens redesigned effectively. [root@localhost ~]# smbpasswd - a chris New SMB secret word: Retype new SMB watchword: getsmbfilepwent: twisted secret key section (no:) mod_smbfilepwd_entry: contorted watchword passage (no:) [root@localhost ~]#

STEP 3 We need to begin the SAMBA administration. It might as of now be begun or it might we should check and see.

[root@localhost ~]# administration smb status smbd is halted nmbd is ceased [root@localhost ~]#

The samba administration is not running so how about we begin it up

[root@localhost ~]# administration smb begin smbd (pid 4267 4266) is running... nmbd (pid 4271) is running... [root@localhost ~]#

Presently how about we check the administration is running

[root@localhost ~]# administration smb status smbd (pid 4267 4266) is running... nmbd (pid 4271) is running... [root@localhost ~]#

STEP 4 reboot your windows XP workstations then go to network "my system places" then go to "workgroup PCs". You will see a PC there called "My Linux File Server". You can physically outline nearby drive letter to this envelope or compose a logon script the same as you would interfacing with a Microsoft record server - shared organizer. Double tap on that PC and you will be incited for a client name and secret key. Utilize the client name and watchword you pick in step #2 Now you will see an organizer called "shared envelope" You can duplicate and glue information to this envelope simply like it were a windows record server. Visit our website at linux tutorial for more information.

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